Workshop Calendar 2023

Here you can find an overview of our workshop offerings for NGOs worldwide in the current year.

Our In-House and Web-Based workshops provide important knowledge. © KKID/India

Thanks to all the valuable feedback in the recent years. In fact, we have been able to address various topics of great importance to NGOs worldwide. As to mention only a few, we have been addressing topics such as Impact Monitoring, MEAL Officer, DoNoHarm, Childprotection, Finance and Reporting alongside BMZ. Most of them were organised as E-Learning formats.

In 2023 we will combine web-based education addressing our world-wide customers with presence workshops at Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education (KKID) in Coimbatore/India.

During the first half of the year our KKID In-House workshops will focus on following topics:

  • Fundraising Strategies for NGOs
  • Baseline Survey, Research and Data Analysis
  • Improving Organisational Visibility (Newsletter, Brochures and Annual Report)
  • Finance Management for NGOs
  • Project Tracking and Coordination Skills
  • NGO Management & Organizational Skills

Our Web-Based Online-Learning workshops will cover topics like:

  • You have become a MEAL Officer?
  • BMZ - the "Do No Harm approach"
  • Capacity Building
  • Theory of Change
  • BMZ Proposal writing
  • BMZ Finance and Reporting
  • Safeguarding women and children against sexual violence
  • How to tune yourselves for a project with the BMZ

If you can’t find the topics you are looking for, you are most welcome to share your ideas and needs and we may find a joint solution.

In addition, we would be happy to work with you and your international teams in multi-module web-solutions on the content relevant to your NGO. The team of facilitators and trainers will be jointly selected.

Please feel free to contact us – we are delighted at your interest in our consultancy services and workshop products and would welcome any questions and inquiries.  Your team will be accompanied in challenging project phases with all our expertise.

We are looking forward to sharing and discussing with you any needs and endeavours you may have. Jointly we will find a winning solution. Please contact us:  

Mr. Muralidharan, phone  +91 904 7698 422, e-mail:

 Dr. K.S. Malathi, phone   +91 904 7698 422, e-mail:

Workshops can be facilitated as hybrid learning courses combining the best of face-to-face learning with the best of online learning. If you need any further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you.

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