Is your project making change?

Training Workshop at KKID, Coimbatore

Training Workshop at KKID (© KKID).

Participants of the Training Workshop at KKID (© KKID).

Twenty senior level personnel representing various countries of Cambodia, Kenya, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Finland and India participated in the 3-day workshop (June 2019) to understand and identify the nuances of “how to track and measure if a project is making a change”. 

There was a good representation of NGOs funded by different INGOs including Caritas Deutschland, Don Bosco, Fida Finland, Misereor, Plan International, Berendina Stichting- the Netherlands and of course Karl Kübel Stiftung. The programme is highly appreciated for the content, participatory methodology and intense learning for practical implementation. You can look forward to the same workshop in the last quarter of this year!