National Conference – “Mainstreaming our efforts in combatting human trafficking: Restoring Human Dignity”

National Conference against human trafficking

Pictures of the conference

Around 300 participants gathered in Cebu City on Thursday 07.06.2017 and Friday 07.07.2017 to attend the National Conference against human trafficking hosted by Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation-IDC, Inc (JPIC). Among them various representatives of the police, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as high ranked judges. All coming with the intention, to effectively combat human trafficking in the Philippines by forming a cross-sectoral and agenda.

Trafficking in person is a serious violation of human rights and is a worldwide criminal phenomenon.

The Philippines serve as a source, transit and target land for trafficking in person. The structures are often woven into one another making it very complicated to track down the predators. Every year, 400.000 people in the Philippines become victim of some sort of trafficking. In a recent study about trafficking in person, published by the U.S department of state, the Philippines received the Tier 1 ranking stating that the government has acknowledge the issue of human trafficking and has already taken measures to combat it. Still, the situation in the Philippines is far less than ideal.

At the conference in Cebu the participants showed their intention to improve the situation in the Philippines which contributes to fulfil the Sustainable Development Gola (SDG) number 16 “Justice, Peace and Strong institutions”. Networking between the different stakeholders and training the representatives about prevention methods were the main focus of the conference.

At the closing ceremony all participants signed a declaration of commitment “recognizing that every boy, girl, woman or man is equal in dignity and freedom” and pledged to work together fight trafficking in person and to provide a better future for the victims.

Further sharing and discussions are welcomed. Please contact Ms. Aidy Estrada at our Co-ordination Office JPIC, Cebu, Philippines: kkscoordinatingoffice_phils(at)

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