Active and lively workshop on impact oriented project planning and monitoring training

Staff members of 20 Asian NGOs participated in the training at Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education in Coimbatore

Men and women sitting around a table

The participants discussed questions like "How does an impact oriented monitoring system look like for our project?" © KKID

The workshop "Impact oriented project planing and monitoring training" at Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education (KKID) met with a very positive response. 20 employees from non-government organisations (NGOs) from various parts of Asia participated the training. They experienced that adapting challenges of impact oriented project planning and monitoring is not an easy way. Questions introduced and discussed during the working sessions have been: 

  • What makes up the impact chain of a project showing the underlying theory of change
  • How can we at the same time keep an eye on unwanted or negative impacts of our project?
  • What are good qualitative and/or quantitative indicators for the different goal levels (output/use of output / outcome / impact)?
  • What are appropriate methods and tools to verify these indicators; and how does an impact oriented monitoring system look like for our project?

At the end of the three workshop days the participants had a clear understanding of the significance of "impact orientation" in the field of development cooperation and for their concrete project work. They welcomed that they are now in a position to plan an impact oriented project and to develop a suitable monitoring system for the same. “Now I can filter negative impacts and prevent our project from the same. I am very grateful!” was a comment of a participant from Kolkata.

During the breaks a lot of networking and sharing took place amongst the participants. “I really value the atmosphere of KKID and the experienced trainer they always find” was the feedback of a participant from Sri Lanka.

The trainer Ms. Beate Holthusen is a development consultant, process advisor, trainer and moderator. She is expert in result based management, process- and impact monitoring, rural development, HIV and AIDS, self-help groups and primary health care.

The next workshop on "Impact oriented project planning and monitoring training" will come up  during 20-22 February 2019. In case of interest please contact Ms. Sabine Beier, s.beier(at) 

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