45 organisations have been participating in the workshop on institutionalising child protection policies

Participants and Dr. Malathi sharing in the workshop (© Ralf Tepel /Karl Kübel Stiftung).

About 75 participants from 45 organisations have been participating in the workshop on “safeguarding and institutionalising child protection policies” held during the months of August and September at KKID, India.  This project, spread across different regions and countries has been planned to spread through 9 days in 3 modules with field based hands on support by the trainer.  This project that was initiated during 2015 is concluding this winter.  The fifth and last batch is to begin in October where in another 30 to attend from 20 NGOs.

The participants remain the pillar of this program. They were heterogeneous in all forms such as roles and positions, experience, language, region, religion, running direct child centric projects and cross cutting projects, gender, age and representatives of governing board.  But they remained homogeneous in terms of conviction, commitment and continuity of CPP.

The workshop focuses on sharing of experience with a celebration mode where in the good practices of the NGOs are exhibited, discussed and debated with objectively measurable criteria. The participants received inputs on impact of implementation of CPP on children, organisation and networks; on-line risks and safeguarding measures on child abuse; and impact monitoring tools for the NGOs to measure effectiveness of child protection measures.

The participants shared their experiences on achievements and difficulties over their cpp implementation, case management systems, child protection initiatives and roles and duties of duty bearers.    

The program concluded with certification of partnership to NGOs and certification of participation to participants.  About 50 participants have completed all the three modules so far and are gearing up for facilitation and designing of programs in their regions.   

There were key recommendations for follow up in future apart from The participants have begun to draft their actions way forward as well as begun to look this project as one of the core future programs of  NGO.  

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