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Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education

We are convinced: If human relations are successful, they enable positive and social developments. A myriad of selected methods and ways of executing projects as well as a multitude of topics are typical for our educational efforts.

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Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education (KKID), India

Qualification, dialogue and discussion in development cooperation:
Karl Kübel Institute in Mankarai / Coimbatore, South India offers seminars, workshops and training for multipliers, qualified employees and managers from civil society organizations and the corporate sector. To qualify people working for NGOs is of special importance.
The Institute pursues a participative and holistic pedagogical approach. We share practical skills and up-to-date, real-world knowledge through active learning and participation.
Tailor made courses based on your specific needs can also be designed and realized.

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Felsenweg Institute in Saxony

The Felsenweg Institute is located in Dresden, Germany. In addition to the traditional course training according to the model of the Odenwald Institute the Felsenweg Institute emphasizes above all the projects for and with parents, children and young people.

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Odenwald Institute in Hesse

Time and free capacities for your personal development
The multitude and quality of our course offer has been placed under the new logo: You will win time and free capacities for your personal development when staying with us. Whether this is required for the life in the family, within a relationship, in the sphere of the job or throughout your ordinary daily life, you will find the support for a good and satisfactory reaction on all stages of life. Since the foundation in 1978 it has been our target to promote and extend the personal and expert competence of people. We feel absolutely obliged to contribute to a positive development of people.

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Osterberg Institute in Schleswig-Holstein

The Osterberg Institute in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) was established according to the model of the Odenwald Institute in 1995. A very interesting area of almost eight squares belongs to the Institute. At the bottom of the Osterberg a marvellous lake, the Dieksee, offers a treat for your relaxing, as the whole area consists of green hills, forests and clean lakes. The Institute hence provides a unique atmosphere for your personal and professional development. Far more than 40,000 people have been trained at the Osterberg Institute since its foundation.

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