Development Cooperation


We mainly focus on rural development. Target groups are peasants, fishermen and also squatters, who live on the dumpsite next to the largest cities of the country.

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We have concentrated our work on several parts of the Visayas (Leyte, Samar, Cebu, Negros and Bohol) and the North of Mindanao. Our projects always follow the principles of the systematic participation of beneficiaries. Indigenous knowlege is the key to realize this approach. Economics, culture, environment and religion has to be unterstood as one unit. It is nearly impossible to plan and implement a project without the potential of local population who have to be enabled to verbalize their own needs and strategies.

Our partner in the Philippines is the "Community Extension Services" (CES) of the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. CES is a non-profit organisation which has taken over different activities in the field of development cooperation. The organisation has a long tradition in non-formal education and community building. CES is assisting, consulting and assessing our project partners in different phases of project cooperation.


Peasants in Negros are doing an internal research of soil quality and appropriate growing methods. They gather all their knowledge and experiment with new technologies. Finally within this learning process they transfer their new experience to farmers in neighbourhood areas.

Former "scavengers" in Manila try to improve their livelihood situation through micro-credit-programes. The level of financial standards is appropriate to their social and economic situation. It is not only an alternative to promote micro-enterprise activities, it should also sustain in the concept of a people's bank for the urban poor.

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