Development Cooperation


Since 2000 the Karl Kübel Foundation has been supporting projects in Kosovo to build competencies in the field of peaceful conflict resolution and mutual responsibility of the different ethnic groups for a peaceful coexistence.

To achieve this goal, the foundation cooperates with schools and primarily works with children and youth. The knowledge gained over the years is now used to promote the respectful integration of the disadvantaged Roma community in partnership with local non-governmental organizations. On the one hand, Roma families are informed about their rights and responsibilities paying special attention to the importance of pre-primary and primary education for children, especially for girls.

Successful partnerships

On the other hand, the foundation cooperates with school authorities to fight discrimination and to enhance respect among the pupils. Here the participation of young Roma in measures which create a peaceful atmosphere and positive relationships among the pupils both in school and in after-school activities is fostered. The foundation's experience in working with and through local partners is very positive. Especially satisfying is the successful partnership between Roma organizations, parents and school authorities.

As education is the first essential step to a just and better future, the foundation, in cooperation with the German Government, will continue supporting the Roma in the field of education. However, to further enlarge its activities for the Roma in Kosovo, the Karl Kübel Foundation relies on your donation: bank account 50 50 000, Sparkasse Bensheim, bank code 509 500 68, keyword: "Schulbildung für Roma"

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