Our South-North Bridge-Building Programme

Volunteering for eight months in Germany

Eine junge Inderin vor Kästen mit Schrauben

Christable Britto volunteered in an institution for disabled people. She was responsible for the final inspection in the assembly group. © Karl Kübel Stiftung/bhb

What is the programme about?

The development volunteer service "weltwärts" was founded in 2008 by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and focuses on joint intercultural learning. From the beginning Karl Kübel Stiftung participates as a sending organisation. Weltwärts programme stakeholders have been asking for opening up the programme in both directions: Sending volunteers to various countries and also hosting volunteers from various countries.

So the weltwärts South-North programme has been established some years later than the North-South programme. Since 2013 it is open to a broad circle of young adults from countries in Asia, Africa and South/Latin America to apply for a voluntary service in Germany.

In 2016 Karl Kübel Stiftung in Bensheim started this programme and hosting young people from India. During their volunteering they will stay in the region of Darmstadt, Bensheim, Bergstraße and contribute in different places of assignment.

What does volunteering mean?

Serving where one is needed in German NGOs,  e.g. doing routine work at Darmstädter Tafel, where left over food is collected and given to people in need. Or supporting teachers and trainers in a home for people with disabilities, an old age home, a nature protection centre.

Where will I live?

Accommodation is organized in host families. The motivation of the host families is to provide a room and food for a volunteer and have an intercultural exchange.

How long will I stay?

Usually the volunteers stay in Germany from May to December.

Who can apply?

To be able to participate in the programme at all, the applicants must be between 18 and 28 years old. For Karl Kübel Foundation the minimum age is 21. Applicants must have a school diploma as well as a completed vocational training or university degree.

Interested young people can directly apply at our partner in India: Karl Kübel Foundation in Coimbatore/Tamil Nadu, email adress: kkfweltwaerts@gmail.com

There is a selection process including selection seminars.  After being selected, volunteers are guided by Karl Kübel Foundation  to prepare for the volunteer service in Germany.  A preparation seminar will take place in Coimbatore.

Which else is required?

To be able to communicate in Germany the German language is essential. For this reason knowledge of the German language is required before leaving India. English is no official national language in Germany, only German. So the volunteers are asked to take part in German classes in India or find other ways of learning the language. This knowledge will help them to get along in Germany: At their places of assignment, in their host families and in daily life.

Further criteria for selection are a general interest in other cultures, the desire to learn and experience new things and being open minded. Besides intercultural exchange and learning, another aim of the program is that the participants use the acquired knowledge and the new expanded horizon to make use of their new skills and give new impulses in their home countries.

For further information about application, selection and places of assignment please contact: Dr. K.S. Malathi at Karl Kübel Foundation India, email adress: kkfweltwaerts@gmail.com