Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education

Self-reliance through Enhancing Knowledge and Developing Skills

Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education is located near Coimbatore on a beautiful campus. © KKID

Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education (KKID) stands for more than 20 years of professional qualification. It was established in 1999 in Mankarai near Coimbatore (South India). Since then, ongoing training programs are being conducted in an enriching atmosphere on a beautiful campus.

Why Choose a KKID Course?

The Institute guarantees worldwide business qualifications, networking and fruitful exchange. Its training options focus on specialists and managers of companies as well as those in civil society. Specialist knowledge and competence are offered to you and your team in a most efficient way.

Our Topics and Our Team

The training units range from seminars and workshops to conferences at the local, regional or international level. In-house courses are offered by highly qualified trainers.

Possible tailor-made topics for your company or organisation could be management skills, business administration, impact monitoring as well as other subject-related issues of your daily project work. Our experts are happy to discuss possible qualification options and are available for training in your project area. 

Upcoming international training courses can be found here. National training opportunities in different local languages can be found here.

Our team of experienced experts can communicate in English as well as in many other local languages spoken in India.  

The Institute offers expertise on several fronts such as assessments of needs, feasibility studies and external evaluation for Development Projects. KKID was part of the international program NGO-IDEAs where the impact toolbox was designed and implemented. The results are still used in workshops and NGO project work.

In cooperation with international companies, exposure field visits to local project partners are conducted at regular intervals. International travel agents can stay with their guests on the campus where they will have the opportunity to experience the different options of sustainable project work directly on site. Manuela Pastore, Head of the global Making More Health (MMH) initiative from Boehringer Ingelheim, sums it up well:

Since 2014 we have launched together with KKID a huge number of programs in South India. These activities created added value for everyone: For the people in the villages as well as for our own international leaders within the company. The employees gain innovative insights which cannot be learned in the course of our daily office routines. We learn a lot – from each other and together with KKID.


The Institute is situated on the outskirts of Coimbatore, Southern India. The beautiful gardens embedded in the Nilgiri Mountains ensure a very pleasant climate and distance from the usual, busy everyday life. A personal atmosphere and options for reflection at the Institute are a given. The visitors particularly appreciate the attractive atmosphere on the campus.

A modern life- and training-infrastructure for 100 guests is provided in three guests houses. Smartphone, table and laptops can be used.

Visit or rent our facilities:

You can conduct in-house training, open seminars or exposure trips for your guests and partners from all over the world. We are happy to assist you in designing the program and/or finding a suitable trainer. Our team will be happy to take care of the invitation process and to help you with visa and travel arrangements.


Contact Person Germany:
Mrs. Sabine Beier, Marketing KKID
Tel.: +49 (0)6251 700522
E-Mail: s.beier@kkstiftung.de

Contact Person India:
Mr. Dr. TK Nathan, Executive Director KKID
Tel. +91 422 6454541
Email: tknathan@kkid.org

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